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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wife tickled at a party by another man!

There's a wonderfully recounted story on the Tickling Media Forum about a husband and wife who go to an impromptu party in Hawaii together.  Long story, short, the husband witnesses his wife getting her bare feet tickled by another man on a couch.

Click on the link below to read the story in its entirety:!

This story inspired me to think about some alternative endings. I hope you will indulge me some 'Ticklish Latitude' :)

What if this guy, who the husband had let suck his wife's toes, had just kept sucking her toes, and not gone for the 'full monte' so to speak of sucking on her arches and insteps?

What if instead of the 'aggressive' approach, the guy had just lightly tickled her arches and instep? 

Maybe the story would have picked up with the man's wife beginning to enjoy the attention her bare soles and toes were getting from this stranger on the couch in front of this large party. Let's just say for argument that she starts flexing her toes, starts tilting her head back ever so slightly, and lets out the sweetest, most delightful laughter this husband has ever heard coming from his wife. She looks at her husband lovingly as if to ask if it's OK for her to enjoy this, this delicious tickling she's receiving from another man.

The husband is in a state of shock at the scene unfolding in front of him, and just shoots the look back at his wife that 'It's OK honey, enjoy!'.

The husband continues to be completely transfixed by the scene unfolding in front of him...this guy, who's been given free license by him to massage and tickle his wife's feet with his tongue and fingers, is by all accounts now really enjoying the experience.

And now, it's certain that the husband's wife is enjoying the experience as well. So, what happens next?! 

Well...first...for the sake of keeping the actors in the story straight, let's just call the stranger, Cam, the husband, John, and the wife, Jessica. Cam starts working his way up the soles of Jessica's bare foot towards her toes.

Cam takes Jessica's big toe and the next closest toes, and puts them in his mouth and begins to suck on them for what seems like an eternity.

Jessica's laughter is just delightful as Cam's tongue works it's magic on each toe inside his mouth. Jessica in between her laughing says, 'Oh my gosh, I LOVE having my toes tickled like this! I can't believe I'm ABLE to let someone suck my toes and not go crazy with laughter!"

John can't see it, but Cam's running his tongue all over Jessica's toes, caressing all the soft skin that she's cared for over the years with countless pedicures and delightfully scented lotions. Cam is a master at toe sucking as he's spent his entire 'career' perfecting the craft of light tickling of women's toes with his tongue.

This stranger, this Cam guy, is getting to taste what you've tasted for years, and yet, his rhythmic way of moving his tongue across and down the tops of her toes, his ability to suck on each toe just to the right pressure to elicit pleasurable laughter, not the kind where the woman immediately pulls her feet away because the tickling is too intense, somehow Cam's able to tickle Jessica's toes in a way that leaves her really enjoying the experience. John is now wondering where this is going to go and realizes that he's in completely unchartered territory...

What do you think?
What should John do next?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Even the Bride of Frankenstein enjoys a good foot tickling every now and again

I just saw this clip from Laughing Gas Zone entitled, "Happy Halloween Tickle". Clip is high quality, has a wonderful black and white old horror movie vibe, the ticklee is beautiful, has a fantastically fun laugh, and gorgeous feet. I love it when she says to Frankenstein at about 40 seconds into the clip, pleading for the tickling to stop that "I'm just a bored housewife, I'm not your monster, but it is kinda fun!" Ohhh, if only all the clips could be like this!

To view, click on the link below:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Woman has her nyloned feet tickled on a couch by her two friends

Over 8 minutes of feather, finger, and electric toothbrush foot tickling! The two ticklers are great with their tickle talk, and are just incredibly sexy in their party dress attire. The ticklee has a great laugh, and seems to be enjoying the experience. Just a great video! Thanks to thegame4881 for posting on his channel!

Women Who Enjoy Having Their Feet Tickled (WWEHTFT) Administrator

Monday, July 5, 2010

Mommy Tickled

I saw this book "Mommy Tracked", by Whitney Gaskell, the other day on Amazon.

One of the reviews reads, " comfortable as fuzzy slippers..." and " as stilettos."

The story is based in Florida and finds four young mothers, Anna, Juliet, Grace, and Chloe, trying to help each other through trying times raising children. They all belong to a support group called 'Mothers Coming Together ("MCT"). The group is led by Grace, happily married with children, but a bit of a diet fanatic.

Of course, with the cover showing three women sitting on a couch, 2 in flip flops, and 1 in sandals, my mind took off in a 'ticklish' direction. I hope the author and cover photographer don't mind the liberties I'm going to take with the plot and cover art, but I felt compelled to have a little fun in Fireworks with a slightly different take on Grace.

Click here to see the slightly 'off-Tracked' cover art version so to speak.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Ticklish Science Experiment

Here is another Kamiano drawing that inspired me.

Thank you again, Kamiano, for your wonderful artistry. Don't know where this community would be without you!

Well, being a bit of a scientist myself, I thought it would be neat to explore a science theme this go around.

Dr. Ferguson is a community college science professor and ends up as part of a ticklish science experiment.

See the picture for more of the story and thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Ticklish Solution for the Stressed Out Career Woman

[Another working woman fantasy of mine!

Thanks to Kamiano and Ticklish Paradise for your inspirational artwork and photos, respectively]

Women, you hear it do you balance your life with all the stresses placed upon you; career, work, kids, house, inlaws, the list goes on!

Well, ladies, at last there is help!

Doctors at The Laughter Institute have come up with a quick 10 minute therapy session that will have you smiling from ear to ear and that can be done efficiently over a lunch hour.

It's called "Tickle Therapy", and involves repeated tactile stimulation with feathers on the bottoms and tops of your barefeet and toes. Now, ladies, if you are already squirming and saying to yourself, "There's no way I can be tickled like that! My feet are just way too ticklish!",wait!

Our Tickle Therapy sessions are not like your Uncle Johnny's tickle torture from childhood where you were left probably crying from all the tickling you received. We at the Laughter Institute understand that there are gradations to the tickle experience, and we have attentive, trained physicians and technicians who spend a great deal of time with you and your barefeet to ensure that the level of tickling is just right, producing only the most enjoyable and pleasing brain neuron firings.

Clinical studies on career working women between the ages of 24 to 44 have shown that a mere 10-15 minutes a week of consistent laughter can bring many health benefits such as reduced blood pressure and stress, and in some cases a lower LDL cholesterol reading. Not only that, but your stomach muscles from laughing are exercised and you can burn, depending on your level of ticklishness, up to 100 calories in one 1o minute session. Three times a week of Tickle Therapy and you've burned the equivalent of an average treadmill session at the gym, and with alot less drudgery and more fun!

Not sold yet! Well, for a limited time, the Laughter Institute is offering free consultations, and a free initial therapy session!

But don't take our word for it, talk to career women like Nancy here featured in the promotion photo.

Nancy is a busy web designer for a Fortune 500 company and has been struggling to balance all of the areas of her life; family, friends, two kids, a mortgage, and countless public service committees and boards she's serving on.

When she heard about the 10 minute Tickle Therapy sessions from a coworker and friend (seen pictured by the door), she thought, "Why Not?! It can't hurt, but boy, it sure can tickle!"

Growing up, Nancy had 3 brothers who used to hold her down and tickle her feet mercilessly. Understandably she was a little reticent about letting another person have their way with her barefeet again, especially with feathers!

She worked with a female physician at the Institute who took the time to try out different techniques and different feathers that would produce the most enjoyable tickling experience.

"After about 25 minutes with the doctor, we found a long, colorful flamingo feather that was just divine! She would work it in and out slowly between my toes, and then even more slowly down the arches of both of my feet. Let me just say, I was in heaven!"

Nancy's satisfied experience is just one of many, and we invite you to come in and read other testimonials.

Stop by The Laughter Instititute today, and start learning how to balance your life with a little tickling that could put a spring in your step :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Office Foot Tickling Fantasy - More Fun in Fireworks

Here is another Fireworks creation of mine, standing on the shoulders of giants so to speak. Thank you to the unknown artist here for stirring up my curiosity of what might happen to middle aged, middle manager men (MAMMM...if you will) all over the world if there were to be a "Kick Off Your Heels" Casual Friday instituted.
You go MAMMM!
Thanks for stopping by, WWEHTFT

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